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Feeling Free - Effective ways to make your emotions work for you

Feeling Free - Effective ways to make your emotions work for you by Archibald D. Hart
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by Archibald D. Hart

Tags: emotional problems, inner pain, struggle, forgiveness, trust issues, depression

Are you so overwhelmed by your emotions that they control you? Or have you found a way to overly control and imprison your emotions, having been taught that it is bad to be emotional? Both of these extremes are unhealthy and lead to unhappiness. FEELING FREE is a book that will show you how you can control your emotions without imprisoning them and how you can make them work for you.

Dr. Archibald Hart, Associate Professor of Psychology at Fuller Theological Seminary Graduate School, finds that Christians tend to deny their emotions because of the high level of expectations they set up for themselves. Instead of fearing your emotions, you can rely on the powerful, life-changing, therapeutic resources that are available to all Christian believers. These God-given emotions can be turned to good advantage, enhancing your life and your Christian experience.

Removing a lot of the confusion about the nature of emotion, Dr.

Hart explores the major emotions such as anger, depression, love, self-esteem and guilt and how to deal with them effectively. He shows how thoughts, beliefs, expectations and assumptions play an important part in the creation of unpleasant emotions. FEELING FREE shows how it is possible to correct this crooked thinking and provides an intelligent, realistic approach to emotions that will help all of us to enjoy life more fully by "feeling free to feel", developing new relationships with the Lord, with others and with ourselves, and accepting our "real" selves as God accepts us.

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