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Pain and Pretending: Discovering The Causes of Your Codependency (With Study Guide)

Pain and Pretending: Discovering The Causes of Your Codependency (With Study Guide) by Rich Buhler
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by Rich Buhler

Tags: inner pain, struggle, depression, codependency, dysfunctional family, emotional problems, divorce recovery, isolation, loneliness, compulsive behavior

This popular radio talk-show host helps those scarred by the pain of divorce, alcoholism, and physical or sexual abuse to search back into their pasts, uncover the real root of their problems, and overcome the lingering damage

"Pain and Pretending" is a significant work dealing in a balanced and sensitive way with the importance of coming to terms with the past. Since bitterness over past issues causes a large proportion of emotional problems, this book can provide practical help for Christians in developing and maintaining mental health
-- Paul Meier, M.D., Mimirth-Meier Clinic, co-author of "Love is a Choice" and "Love Hunger"

Rich Buhler has the rare ability to talk people's language clearly and with a depth of sensitivity.

The world abounds with those who have felt victimized. Through his case illustrations and counseling conversations, Rich teaches and clarifies and gives hope to victims of all types
-- H. Norman Wright, Ph.D., author of "Always Daddy's Girl", founder of Christian Marriage Enrichment

"Pain and Pretending" explains so much of what we who have been hurt by the past do not understand. It offers hope and answers, and I highly recommend it..
-- Stormie Omartian, author of "Stormie"

I've discovered this book somehow in the process of searching for good ACOA literature. It is filled with stories about real people who suffered from physical, sexual, emotional abuses in the childhood. It is usually not obvious how often hidden pain from any victimization experience affects future life, decisions, relations, emotions, everything.. and there is hope and way to recovery. It was really helpful for me and I'm sure it will be for you. Highly recommended book
-- Vladimir,

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