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The Sensation of Being Somebody: Building an Adequate Self-Concept

The Sensation of Being Somebody: Building an Adequate Self-Concept by Maurice Wagner
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by Maurice Wagner

Tags: emotional problems, adult children, dysfunctional family, inner pain, struggle, forgiveness

Most readers will readily identify with one of Dr. Wagner's patients who said flatly, "I wish for once in my life I could experience the sensation of being somebody!" That sensation lies in feeling secure about "Who am I?" "What am I?" and "Why am I?"
This book is intended for the person who wants to understand himself and learn how to improve his ways of coping with life's complex situations.

Grounded on a firm scriptural basis and more than 30 years of psychological research and study, this new book enables the reader to discern clearly the personal factors that have shaped his self-concept. The book is developed in three parts,

What We Are
How We Have Become What We Are
What We Can Become

Dr. Wagner takes a thorough look at the interplaying elements involved in developing emotional security, and at how Christian faith holds the key to meeting our personal needs.

The concepts are presented in easy-to-understand language devoid of difficult psychological terminology.

"Dr. Wagner has tackled the most important topic in the entire spectrum of human emotions, dealing with self-concept.. His practical approach to self-awareness is certain to help those who want to gain a greater measure of confidence. His views are consistent with Christian principles, recognizing that each of us is a unique creation of God Himself. I enthusiastically recommend this book"
-- James C Dobson, Ph.D., USC School of Medicine

"Dr. Wagner uses a sound scientific basis backed by years of clinical experience to present meaningful solutions to the few or many jigsaw puzzle pieces of life that fit incorrectly or not at all. As a physician, I prescribe it for one and all"
-- Robert D Carpenter, MD, Physician

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